Welcome to Atlantic Dental Implant Institute, a renowned hub in New Jersey where the pinnacle of excellence in oral Implantology converges with cutting-edge expertise. As industry pioneers, we take immense pride in our recognition as leaders, delivering the best dental implants and ce courses and upholding the highest standards of care. Our team of devoted dental implant specialists is dedicated to revitalizing smiles and instilling confidence through advanced dental implant techniques. Embracing a commitment to innovation, our distinction is further highlighted in our sought-after dental implant courses for 2024. Here, we not only disseminate knowledge but also provide hands-on experiences for professionals eager to elevate their practice. Join us on the forefront of transformative education, as we empower professionals to reach new heights in patient care and practice excellence through the best dental implantology course offerings in 2024.


Our training propels you to the next level, whether you're a beginner or an experienced clinician aiming to learn and implement prosthodontics and dental implant surgery courses in your practice.

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Small groups: one patent for every two doctors, with one-on-one guidance from course faculty. Every doctor will be involved in more than 20 implant placements--10+ to place and another 10+ to assist. Cases will be assigned to doctors based on their level of surgical expertise. Sinus balloon and lift procedure, immediate implant placement, permanent tooth replacement, implant-qualified doctors will perform supported dentures, dental crown implants, ridge splits, and GBRs.


AAIP is an ADA CERP Provider. ADIS program is endorsed and approved by AAIP American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics.


The American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics (AAIP) serves as an ADA CERP Recognized Provider; ADA CERP--a service provided by the American Dental Association, aids dental professionals in pinpointing quality continuing education for dental professionals. It's important to note that while ADA CERP oversees accreditation processes and standards compliance and approves dental implant training, it neither approves nor endorses individual courses or instructors—furthermore, implying acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry is also outside its purview.

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Dental Implants Training Course Objective

The AAIP/ADIS Educational Program, with the highest ranking credentials in dental implant education, aims to equip general practitioners and specialists with the necessary skills to provide a comprehensive dental implant training program for a diverse range of patients, each presenting varying needs. This advanced level dental implant technique of service surpasses what they accomplished in their pre-doctoral education, catering to complexity and skill requirements found in different clinical environments. Moreover, this course reinforces and expands attendees’ knowledge of diagnosis areas and treatment planning strategies. Throughout this intensive six-day dental implant CE course, clinician participants will gain confidence and proficiency in preservation-oriented implant procedures. They will also acquire practice management skills along with production competencies that can directly enhance their private practices upon program completion. ADIS emphasizes the necessity of lifelong learning, and critical thinking will be reinforced to apply evidence-based dental implant care.

Implant surgical guide participants will acquire the skills to formulate intricate treatment options, employing contemporary concepts in implant therapy. The faculty offers one-on-one instruction.
The course will provide patients, and Participants can bring their patients.
Under supervision, each participant will insert a minimum of 9 implants.
This course has been carefully designed by our dental and implant center’s general dentists and specialists, bringing together expertise in restorative dentistry and foundational oral surgical procedures. This comprehensive program, including the dental implant grafting course, equips you with the skills and confidence to excel in offering dental implant services in Clifton, NJ.




“Mike Shulman stands as a highly esteemed lecturer, currently holding the prestigious role of Vice President at the American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics. In addition to serving as an Adjunct Professor at the Jamaica School of Oral Health Sciences, he also directs sought-after AAIP implant continuing education courses in both New Jersey and Kingston. For those in search of exceptional guidance in implant dentistry, Mike's expertise is widely recommended, making him a valuable resource in the field." Sheldon Winkler, serving as the Executive Director for the American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics


"Mike is a skilled practitioner who combines technical prowess with a distinctive and captivating teaching approach, creating an educational environment. This approach ensures a conducive and unrestricted learning environment for optimal understanding. Highly recommended for those seeking a blend of technical expertise and enjoyable educational experiences in surgery." Winston Grey, in his role as the Regional Dental Director at the Southern Regional Health Authority


"Mike's implant training program proved to be a game-changer for my career. The course offered intensive, hands-on training, led by Mike, a highly knowledgeable instructor who generously shares a wealth of expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend enrolling in his implant training course for those seeking a transformative learning experience in the field." Louis Kaufman, DDS, MBA, BA, not only excels as a dedicated dentist but also stands out as a proficient dental educator


"Dear Dr. Shulman, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your outstanding lecture, characterized by precision and accessibility. The hands-on training provided was remarkably practical and easy to follow. Your course, 'Basics of Oral Implantology' has instilled in me the confidence to initiate implant procedures in my practice. As a former faculty in Operative Dentistry, I strongly advocate for the belief that implant procedures offer the most effective treatment option, emphasizing the importance of every dentist acquiring sufficient knowledge in Implantology. The honor of having Dr. Leonard Link to join your course adds to its prestige. Congratulations on a well-executed job! I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to 'Go For It!' for a comprehensive understanding of implant dentistry." Stephen C. Hsu, Ph.D., D.M.D., brings a wealth of expertise as a former Associate Professor at Temple Dental School